Behind every efficient and successful business you need super-fast, uncapped and unshaped internet and that is why you have chosen SEACOM. As your business grows from strength to strength so should your internet requirements…

Until the end of March 2017, SEACOM Business is giving you the opportunity to increase your bandwidth to 100Mbps with our FIA Xtend offering for R9899!

Take your business to new heights and contact Redwill ICT TODAY!

*Prices above are based on a monthly rate for the remainder of the contract term and are exclusive of VAT

Terms and Conditions:
1. The SEACOM “FIA Xtend Offer” promotion is only applicable to upgrades and new Onnet SEACOM FIAX 100 Mbps customers up to and including the 31st March 2017.
2. The prices quoted in this proposal are only valid for order form(s) received and accepted by SEACOM for the next 30 days and are also subject to execution by both parties of the agreements.
3. The SEACOM “FIA Xtend Offer” promotion is only applicable to the same site address as per the original contract for upgrades.
4. The SEACOM FIA Xtend service is only available per customer at a single site address – this service is not available for aggregation.
5. There is no applicable NRC for upgrades and a standard NRC will apply for new orders.
6. The MRC is payable monthly in advance.
7. This proposal is not an offer to provide the services described herein and no legal obligation to provide the services would arise until a definite agreement (“agreement”) has been validly executed by both parties and an order form for such services has been submitted by Customer and accepted by SEACOM. In addition, this proposal is not intended to create any obligation upon SEACOM or customer to execute an agreements or order form.
8. A layer 2 switch will be installed on site as a CPE (not a managed router).