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Unlocking the benefits of Cloud Managed Backups

Data is the crucial component of every commercial entity and without data, businesses cannot function. Keeping a reliable backup of your essential data is paramount to the successful operation of a business. Cloud24-7 Managed Backups is a secure, automated disk to disk backup and recovery solution offered on robust storage infrastructure. This product is designed for network efficiency, central management, policy based control and simplicity of use.

Traditional tape based solutions require a combination of full and incremental backups as well as additional hardware and controls to manage. The restore process can be problematic and slow if older data is needed as tapes are physically returned to the hosting premises and this adds risk and can affect the recovery time. Disk to disk backup proves to be much more effective, fast and secure. The Cloud24-7 Managed Backup solution provides a daily backup and records changes to files since the previous day thus ensuring a full data set is available for each day. Data restores are available via the agent and can be performed at anytime.

The system architecture incorporates the best of breed backup technology and ensures consistent and reliable data protection.

•Reliability: A disk to disk backup solution eliminates the cost of removal and storage of tapes offsite as well as the replacement of backup tapes every few years. Time required to restore data is also reduced with the built – in restore. Businesses can eliminate the burden and associated risk of manual tape based procedures, saving time and money.
•Bandwidth: Only transferred file changes since last backup are sent to the platform which reduces bandwidth.
•Restores: Single or multiple file recovery can be performed via the installed agent. Data save sets are available for each day a backup was performed successfully.
•Data Retention – Data is stored on the platform for 8 weeks.

•Management: Backup scheduling and file selection is managed by Internet Solutions. The customer is able to perform restores as well as view the backup event logs via the self-help portal.
•Software upgrades: Backup clients are automatically upgraded to the latest software version.
•Reporting: Backup success and failure reports (daily & monthly success reports) will be automatically sent via e-mail to the client.

•Ensures business continuity: The service supports a customer’s business continuity plan by providing comprehensive protection and preservation of data, both locally and offsite.
•Protect the intellectual capital of your online business: Ensure peace of mind knowing that all critical data on the server(s) is preserved and protected.
•Benefit from a fully managed backup: the service is fully managed by IS Hosting engineers. Monitoring and backup validation checks ensure system continuity.
•Byte level patching: incremental backups (binary patching) minimise data transfer and bandwidth usage, by identifying the changed bytes in modified files.
•Data compression: Data is compressed in transit, minimizing transfer times and network loads.
•Disconnections Resume: Disconnections are resumed from the last byte sent –partially transferred files do not need to be resent.

•File Selections: The customer must ensure that the correct file selections are mentioned in the pre-installation document. Changes can be made to the file selection at any time through the standard support process.
•Data Verification: The customer must ensure that they can successfully recover data to their server / platform / systems as part of their general system tests.

•Support for Windows Server 2000,2003 and 2008
•Support for REHL based Linux distributions
•Support for SUSE based Linux distributions
•Support for SUN Solaris 8 – 10, IBM AIX and HP UX based Unix distributions
•Support for MS Exchange 2003, 2007 with single mail recovery
•MS SQL 2005 and 2008
•Support for open or locked files using VSS