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No Hardware. No Software. No Compromise.

As blended threats gain publicity, client awareness is growing and the need for affordable, integrated and easy to use security services is increasing.

Today, the secret to maximising the power of technology lies in aligning software and hardware with the way users behave. Keeping pace with the cost and complexity of securing today’s new strategic technologies is a challenge faced by enterprises large and small. With the explosion of Web 2.0, data proliferation and a more mobile workplace, these challenges only increase. Now, cloud-delivered security solutions bring hope for getting ahead of these critical challenges. Cloud Web Security is a platform for supporting the next technological breakthrough.

Unlocking the benefits of cloud computing
Cloud Web Security leverages the world’s largest global security cloud to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive protection against advanced and emerging threats. With best of breed, multi–tenanted 100% cloud architecture, Cloud Web Security delivers all the benefits of proactive, real–time security without the need to deploy and manage appliances, software or agents. IT Security teams are now able to instantly create and deploy granular web-based policies — by user, group, location or action — to anyone, anywhere and on any device.

URL Filtering
Cloud Web Security enables organisations to limit their exposure to liability by managing access to web content for users, groups and locations. URLs are filtered by global reputation — against more than 90 categories, 30 super categories, and six classes.

Unmatched Security
Threat intelligence is built from billions of daily transactions for unmatched protection. Cloud Web Security scans and secures every byte of every inbound and outbound web transaction –
making it the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive Web Security.

Real-time Reporting and Analysis
Administrators have the ability to view any transaction, by any user, from any location — in seconds. The interface provides reports across department, group, or user, device, or location, with detailed reporting and analysis of Web 2.0 applications, network usage, threat protection, user policy and more.

Cost Savings
The Cloud Web Security solution boasts no appliances, software
or clients to deploy and manage. This eliminates backhauling costs and complexity. While the solution is cloud based, clients do not have to buy excess network capacity — Cloud Web Security scales flexibly as you need capacity.

Simplicity and Efficiency
Cloud Web Security delivers one unified console to create web policies across your organisation’s internet access management. Administrators manage their own policy — with changes instantly reflected across the entire cloud.

R25 per user per month incl. VAT