Advanced, flexible and yet easy to manage backup, recovery and DR software, designed to protect your entire infrastructure, regardless of whether it is physical or virtualised.

Extremely Fast Backup and Recovery
Enables you to meet stringent RPO and RTO objectives by significantly reducing the time it takes for a backup or restore to complete. Utilising incremental backups and advanced byte and block-level patching techniques, together with compression and client-side deduplication, Backup24-7 Pro achieves extremely high levels of efficiency. The latest client has proven to be one of the fastest backup clients available.

Flexible Restoration
Backup24-7 Pro provides fast, versatile recovery options to ensure that you’re able to restore data at all levels from single granular application objects, to files, folders, VMs or even entire servers and server environments. Data can be restored from the backup client, management console or via “InstantData”.

Backup24-7 Pro’s InstantData presents your backups for temporary access as a virtual drive and for permanent recovery to a destination of your choice. While data is restored behind the scenes, applications can start reading files immediately – especially large files like databases. This kind of near-instant recovery significantly reduces your Recovery Time Objective but also allows low-touch tasks, such as data mining, auditing and file integrity checks. While InstantData is very useful for DR scenarios, it also makes normal restores as easy as browsing a local file system to ‘drag and drop’ any required files and folders.

Minimal Management Overhead
The centralised management console enables management of numerous distributed sites via a single pane of glass. The intuitive interface enables the administrator to quickly and easily control which files, folders and applications are backed up and restored using a range of selection tools. These include filters and profiling features that simplify and speed up the inclusion and exclusion process significantly. The same interface quickly provides visibility of the entire estate, simplifying the process of configuring backups and confirming that backups and restores have completed successfully.

Extensive built-in reporting
All backup information is collected in a centralised database which can be accessed from the Backup24-7 Pro management console. An extensive number of predefined report templates can be accessed and scheduled to automatically email single or multiple recipients enabling true management by exception. In addition, custom reports can be easily configured to suit the needs of the organisation.

Efficient Storage and Network Utilisation
Advanced deduplication minimises the storage of duplicate files on backup storage infrastructure, limiting the need to invest in additional storage. In addition, by identifying duplicate files and employing compression, network traffic is reduced, limiting the need to invest in additional network infrastructure or connectivity between sites.

Archiving and Tiered Storage Support
Not all backup data needs a very short RTO. In addition, some industries require archiving of files and changes to files for lengthy periods of time for compliance purposes. Backup24-7 Pro supports the use of tiered storage and offloading of data from primary backup storage. Typically, where this functionality is desired, the administrator will set a desired retention period for data to be stored on primary backup storage, ensuring it is available for restore immediately. Once data passes beyond this period or meets other customisable criteria, it can be transferred to a lower tier of storage, whether disk, tape or cloud-based.

Hybrid Cloud
Backup24-7 Pro enables organisations to leverage the Cloud for DR purposes. Administrators can choose to mirror some or all backup data between sites or data centres for DR purposes.

OS and Application Support
Hardware agnostic, Backup24-7 Pro also includes support for a wide range of server and desktop operating systems, business critical applications, databases and virtualisation technology.