Feeling overwhelmed by POPI and what it is?

We don’t blame you. We often get asked what the “minimum requirement’ is to get ready for Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 (POPI) now firmly on the horizon, South African business owners and decision-makers have to re-examine the way in which data is managed and processed within organisations. It is important to note that POPI will impact almost every business – regardless of size and sector.  POPI states that ‘appropriate, reasonable technical and organisational steps’ to prevent personal information from being unlawfully handled, and that international standards and laws should be considered.

POPI Self Assessment Portal

This self-assessment online tool offers you the power to establish where you are on the road to POPI compliance.

This tool will help you: 

Understand the requirements of the POPI Act, and assess your company’s current compliance level.

Generate a roadmap for POPI implementation, based on a guided evaluation of questions/statements.

The result is a customised assessment providing compliance scores and insights to where your  company should focus its data protection effort.


ONE POPI Product Compliance Bundle 

We’ve bundled three products that will immediately impact businesses on their journey to POPI compliance. This bundle is readily available to your Partners clients base & can be customised according to their needs. The bundle consists of ESET Endpoint Encryption, ESET Secure Authentication, and ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced.

ESET Endpoint Encryption Pro
Premium encryption that is easy to use and easy to manage. In addition to Endpoint Encryption Essential, Endpoint Encryption Pro includes Full Disk, Removable Media and DESlock Go Portable encryption.

ESET Secure Authentication
Is a mobile-based two-factor authentication system which provides additional security for accessing a company network and sensitive data. Safe and hassle-free.

ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced
In addition to ESET Endpoint Protection Standard, the Advanced version comes with the powerful Web Control, Firewall and Anti-Spam filter to provide additional layers of protection for a company network and your mobile workforce.