With the SMS24-7 solution, you can leverage off existing email infrastructure and extend the reach of an email system quickly and easily by sending an email to staff or customers mobile phones as an SMS message.  Two products are used for this purpose – SMS Mail and Outlook SMS, Depending on your email client and/or unique requirements.


• Secure, Reliable and Fault tolerant solution – Delivered from a world-class datacentre
• Direct and Secure – Direct and Secure connectivity to all of South African cellular service providers and the ability to reach virtually any mobile network globally
• Managed & Monitored – The services, cellular connectivity and messaging environment is monitored and managed 24 hours a day
• Reliability – The load balanced environment ensures reliability and efficiency in message delivery
• Ensured Delivery – All services support message delivery confirmation as well as reply back, which can be used as input data or triggers for backend systems when automated
• Capacity and Growth Easy deployment due to many supported platforms and integration points
• Instant deployment – Instant deployment and growth are achievable through effective capacity planning
• Scalability – Various platforms based on customer requirements that includes Alert, Bulk and General Platforms for SMS delivery and reporting.
• Guaranteed Service Levels – Optional SLA packages provide technical support and guaranteed service levels
• Automation – Easy message automation
• Multiple channels – Easily integrated with existing applications (API’s for HTTP/s, SMTP, SMPP, MQ, SOAP, sFTP, FTP)
• Managing Opt Outs – Automated opt-out handling
• Flexible Delivery – Configurable Delivery Time Windows
• Additional services – available on request, such as the use of Short Codes, MMS, USSD, Feature and Native Mobile Applications, Email and Fax.
• Prioritisation – The separation of the overall solution into multiple platform architecture caters for low-volume time-sensitive messages, e.g. financial transactions that need to be delivered within seconds as well as for bulk messages, where large volumes of messages need to be processed as fast as possible. SMS traffic can be delivered on prioritised, bulk and general traffic streams in accordance with company specific service level requirements.
• Multi layered user roles – SMS24-7 allows for multi-level permission based user roles precisely as specified. Super Admin (Group Administrator); Affiliate Admin (Cost-Centre, Department, Brand Administrator); User. Super Affiliate and Affiliate Administrators are able to provision users, set message limits & thresholds per service, manage opt-outs, view delivery reports for all users and set delivery time windows for friendly hours per service, amongst others.
• Real-time tracking and reporting. The delivery of SMSs are very carefully monitored and logs all data received, messages created, messages submitted, messages delivered, messages bounced and messages responded to. Each of the statuses are captured in the system and are reported on to allow statistics on monthly traffic as well as individual traceability. Detailed message delivery reports are accessible online and may be exported. Further reports can be picked up via FTP through an automated schedule or automatically delivered to email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Outlook SMS
Address book integration
Automatic message organisation
Alerts and Reminders
SMS concatenation
Easy Access – SMS & emails in once place
Integrates into MS Excel for easy personalised messaging

SMS Mail
Works with all email clients.
Simple receive & reply
SMS concatenation
Bulk personalised messages