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Are you paying too much for your Business Voice services? Try our Smart-Cloud VoIP services

Communicate from anywhere on any device you like. Offering reliable, agile and scalable business communication solutions.


Running multiple devices on one extension


Seamless transfer between smartphones (Android & iOS) and desk phones

Take your extension with you

Running multiple devices on one extension


Allows instant messaging and voicemail to email for missed calls


Set up voice and video conference calls, is optionally secure with a PIN number, and can transfer current calls to a conference

Call Center

Creates a robust call center environment with multiple agent tiers

Other Features:

Open-Standard SIP Headsets

Yealink IP handsets are your everyday partner to ensure your business’ success and growth

Softphone Applications

SIP Trunking... On-Premise / Hybrid Solutions

SIP trunking enables a PBX & Terminals to send and receive calls via the Internet.
SIP is a global standard, signaling protocol, used across multiple real-time applications.
Our SIP trunk is able to consolidate and control voice, video and messaging data (internet) applications. Thus, rationalising our client’s connectivity spend, onto single high-capacity internet services and drastically lowering costs.

We can integrate our SIP Trunk Solution (VOIP) onto any existing internet service, along with the retention of any preferred On-Premises PBX system, allowing our clients to make use of the latest SIP Trunking technology & least cost routing benefits of VOIP, while retaining and historic investments.